Owl Babies

I did not have high expectations for this book given the title, but I was pleasantly surprised. I liked how they gave the three owl babies distinct personalities. Sarah is the oldest child and leader of the babies. Percy is the middle child and an agreeable follower of Sarah. Bill repeats the same phrase throughout … Read moreOwl Babies

Baby’s Best Friend

Are pictures of babies and puppies enough to carry a book? No. Six out of eight babies are white, not very diverse.

Ten Little Toes, Two Small Feet

Every sentence is “ten little toes…” or “two small feet…” It sounds ridiculous if you read it to yourself in your head. It sounds a little better reading it out loud, but it’s too repetitive.

What’s in My Garden?: A Book of Colors

The picture of the overall garden is very busy, but the vegetables are shown in order from top to bottom to make it easier to identify them. The flaps reveal a larger picture of the vegetable and the color. Meh.

Big or Small?

Big or Small is about perspective. Each pairing starts with a zoomed-in illustration, followed by a zoomed-out illustration that contains the texture of the zoomed-in illustration. However, the text is not very good at explaining the zoom-in/zoom-out nature of the images, some of the rhymes are off (e.g. giant/elephant), and the zoomed-in images are completely … Read moreBig or Small?

Playdate for Panda

Playdate for Panda is the second book in the Hello Genius series we’ve read, after Penguin Misses Mom. It’s another good book that shows how kids should behave on a playdate, covering sharing, eating manners, taking turns, and saying goodbye.


Better for an older toddler with motor control to trace the shapes. The illustrations are well-done. In addition to the labeled shapes (e.g. triangle: sail, hat, umbrella, flag), there is another layer of complexity with hidden shapes to find (e.g. triangle pattern on clothes or triangle handle on the sand shovel).

Lunar New Year

A nice introduction and explanation of some of the Lunar New Year traditions. A perfect library book for the San Francisco population.

Goodnight Songs

God-awful poetry. For example: And pretty soon in the dark of the moon And the sky was lit with an amber light And all the stars began to fight By blinking at each other.

Can You Turn the Page

Too advanced for our infant daughter, but it’s an effective book that breaks the fourth wall to ask the reader to turn the page. Mixes cartoon images of animals with real drawings of food.