Ron Swanson’s Modernist Birthday Dinner

Ron Swanson’s Modernist Birthday Dinner: sous-vide filet mignon vacuum marinated in Lagavulin 16 scotch, topped with bacon bits and whipped truffle butter Parks and Recreation is currently my favorite TV show. In season 3, episode 12, Leslie throws Ron a surprise birthday party. It’s a solo dinner consisting of an enormous porterhouse steak, a plate … Read more

The Peaness Mightier

The Peaness Mightier: Pea butter spread on pea flour crackers, topped with pea water caviar. This dish is named after the SNL Celebrity Jeopardy sketch. I deconstructed a pea and put it back together to mimic the way caviar is served with crackers and lightly buttered toast points.  I used every part of the pea … Read more