Old-Fashioned Cucumber Phosphate Soda

Ice Cream Bar in San Francisco serves old-fashioned soda fountain drinks. I never order off the menu because I prefer to experiment and create my own sodas using the many essential oils, tinctures, and syrups they have on hand. Try one of my creations if you’re in town: a phosphate soda with pineapple syrup, fresh … Read more

Vietnamese Compressed Watermelon Sashimi and Compressed Watermelon Brulee

Vietnamese compressed watermelon sashimi. That’s watermelon, not tuna! Compressed watermelon is made using a chamber vacuum sealer. Under vacuum, the vacuoles in the watermelon cells expand like a balloon and eventually burst. After the watermelon is sealed and the vacuum is released, the liquid in the bag fills the ruptured vacuoles, transforming the texture, color, … Read more