Akelarre’s Langosta Destilada (Distilled Lobster)

Akelare cooks a lobster dish tableside in a coffee vacuum siphon. Here’s the recipe as listed in the Akelare book.  My notes and substitutions are in parentheses. Ingredients: Special Equipment: Start by preparing the lobster stock. Humanely kill the lobster by slicing through the brain lengthwise. Dip the lobster into boiling water for 15 seconds … Read more

Puffed Egg with Bacon Dashi

Chef David Chang made Momofuku Ko’s Puffed Egg in episode 9 of The Mind of a Chef, but the show did not provide a complete recipe. After some research and experimentation, here’s the recipe I compiled for my adaptation: The bacon dashi recipe is from the Momofuku book. You’ll need: For the puffed egg you’ll … Read more