Blanket of Love

Stretches the blanket metaphor a little too much for my taste. Literally everything is a blanket.

Good Morning, Farm Friends

Standard farm animals (with the addition of llamas). For some reason baby books and toys love to feature llamas. Nice illustrations, except for the morbidly obese pig on the cover.


Each page contains an illustration and two words. I would have thought such a minimalist structure would be too limiting, but this book manages to tell an expressive rhyming story in a mere 32 words. Impressively succinct.

Huggy the Python Hugs Too Hard

Huggy the python hugs a balloon and pops it. Huggy the python hugs ice cream and squishes it. What happens when Huggy tries to hug a puppy? I am a sucker for this type of clever name, build up, and resolution. Great book.

Goodnight, Seahorse

The seahorse says goodnight to the other animals under the sea. The text is unremarkable, but the art and color palette are gorgeous. There is an index of animals in the back that you can use to search for animals in the illustrations when not used as a calming going to bed book.

Count with Little Fish

A standard counting book that counts the fish on each page. Three fish are the only fish that have the numbers written on them as seen on the cover.

Snow Babies

Snow animals is a small niche. Maybe worth reading once to expand beyond the normal zoo animals, but not worth repeating.

Baby Goes to Market

I really liked this book. It’s a counting book without being an obvious counting book. The prose has good parallel structure. The illustrations are vibrant with lots to observe (what’s the baby getting, what’s the mama buying, what’s for sale in the stalls, etc.) It’s a happy story.