No Haggle Car Buying Via Backdoor Employee Pricing Plans

My most recent car buying experience took three rounds of negotiating over the course of 2.5 hours to get a fair deal. This 2.5 hours did not include time spent test driving, evaluating a potential trade-in, signing the deal with finance, and conducting the delivery walk-through.

After this arduous buying process, I looked into ways to reduce time spent negotiating. Sites like TrueCar and the Costco Auto Program offer pre-arranged pricing. Their prices might be acceptable, but are not necessarily the best because they are lead generation sites funded by dealer participation fees. They are not advocating for you; they are selling your information to dealers.

I wanted no-haggle pricing with no conflict of interest, which led me to employee pricing. Pretty much all brands offer employee pricing on their cars, usually at or below invoice. For some brands you can obtain employee pricing without being an employee by joining a third-party club or organization, such as the ones listed below.

Some caveats: employee pricing isn’t completely haggle-free. You have to find a dealer that participates in the employee pricing plans. The model must be eligible for employee pricing. You have to negotiate away any dealer add-ons. You have to ignore the finance manager’s sales pitch. You can potentially do better than employee pricing depending on various factors like make/model popularity, days on lot, time of month and year, current manufacturer incentives, etc. However, at the very least, employee pricing puts a ceiling on the price you should pay.

Audi Affinity Program

Ford/Lincoln X-Plan

  • Ford X-PlanX-Plan rules
  • Ford X-Plan Price = Dealer Invoice – (0.4% * Dealer Invoice) + Administration Fee
  • Lincoln X-Plan Price = Dealer Invoice + (0.6% * Dealer Invoice) + Administration Fee
  • Join the Mustang Club of America to receive Ford X-Plan pricing

Hyundai/Genesis Circle Plan A

  • Hyundai Circle
  • Hyundai Circle Price = Dealer Invoice + Freight + Advertising Fee – 1.5% of MSRP (not including freight and advertising fee) – $250 A-Plan Circle Cash – applicable HMA incentives at time of purchase.
  • There’s no publicly available club to join and I couldn’t find an employer partner list, but if you have strong Google Fu then you can find a way into it.

Mazda Employee Pricing S-Plan

Stellantis (Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram) FCA Affiliate Rewards

Subaru VIP Program

  • Subaru VIP Program
  • Subaru VIP Price = dealer invoice
  • Join one of Subaru’s Partner Programs to receive Subaru VIP pricing. You need to plan ahead as there are different requirements for each program. For instance, with the ASPCA you must either be a Guardian member for 6 months or a Founding Society member (more expensive) for 30 days to receive the VIP pricing. The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is similar with a 6 month waiting period for contributing/activist/advocate members and a 30 day waiting period for Champion+ members. Choose a program that best aligns with your interests, timeline, and budget.

Volkswagen Partner Program

  • VW Partner Program
  • VW Partner Price = $500 off the Dealer Invoice Price, combinable with all current available retail offers and incentives
  • There’s no publicly available club to join, but if you’re employed at one of the many companies on the Partner Program List, then you’re eligible for the partner price. Not all models are eligible.

Volvo A-Plan

Unresolved Brand Programs

I haven’t been able to find public access to employee pricing for these brands.


General Motors (Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac) Corporate Offers

Honda/Acura Purchase Program

  • Team Honda Purchase Program
  • Team Acura Purchase Program

Jaguar/Land Rover Private Offer Program

Kia Friends and Family Program

Mercedes-Benz Preferred Employer Program

Mitsubishi VIP Program

Nissan/INFINITI Vehicle Purchase Program

Toyota/Lexus VSPP