Big or Small?

Big or Small
Published: 5/2/2017
A colorful and captivating early concept book—illustrated in Agnese Baruzzi’s inimitable style! Is it big . . . or is it small? You can’t be sure until you’ve turned the page! Is that an elephant’s tail—or does it belong to a tiny mouse? Is that a huge tornado brewing? Or could it be a snail’s swirly shell? This board book makes learning about relative size enormous fun!

Big or Small is about perspective. Each pairing starts with a zoomed-in illustration, followed by a zoomed-out illustration that contains the texture of the zoomed-in illustration. However, the text is not very good at explaining the zoom-in/zoom-out nature of the images, some of the rhymes are off (e.g. giant/elephant), and the zoomed-in images are completely unrelated to the zoomed-out images (linking a zoomed-in swirl tornado to a blue snail is a leap too far). Good idea in principle, but the execution could be improved.