Movie Anniversaries that Make You Feel Old

Chatting with my buddy Rah the other day, he mentioned he was rewatching Rounders, which came out 18 years ago! Hearing that, I felt incredibly old.

I wondered how old other “classic” movies were (I put classic in quotes because Rounders does not feel that old). I collected the release dates for the IMDB Top 1000 movies and calculated their anniversaries. I also created lists highlighting today’s movie anniversaries and anniversaries coming up over the next week (lists updated every day), if you’d like to indulge in a bit of nostalgia.

Reading through the list is like walking down memory lane. My Sassy Girl came out in 2001?! The Matrix came out in 1999?! Even Inception is already 6 years old! Looking at this list makes you realize just how fast time passes.

Plotting a histogram of the anniversaries, you can see that the IMDB Top 1000 movies suffers from recency bias. The distribution is right-skewed; the mean age of the top 1000 movies is 25 years, but the median age is 18 years.